Young Gambian killed in Palermo was managing a B&B in the city center; arrived in Lampedusa on a boat in 2016.

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Kitim Ceesay, the young Gambian man killed in Palermo, remained hospitalized at the Civic hospital for nine days due to a pneumothorax, which is the presence of air in the pleural space: he had been stabbed in the lung during a brawl in Ballarò on the night of March 4th and 5th. He was then transferred to the Infectious Diseases department of the Policlinico, where he died, apparently, on Thursday night, seventeen days after the injury. The transfer was necessary because the 24-year-old was HIV positive.

Ceesay was allegedly run over and then stabbed, but the police, who are conducting the investigation, are keeping tight-lipped. The investigators from the Oreto-Stazione station and the mobile squad are investigating. The prosecutor’s office has opened a homicide investigation, ordering the seizure of medical records and the body, which has been transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine for autopsy.

Kitim Ceesay was married to a British woman with whom he had a three-year-old son. The woman is now expecting another child who will never know his father. Ceesay had a perfectly integrated and “normal” life, according to other members of the Gambian community. He arrived on a boat from Libya and landed in Lampedusa in 2016, then arrived in Palermo and met the young British woman.

Some describe him as aggressive and often nervous, with over-the-top behavior. But in the Ballarò foreign community, the portrait painted of him is completely different. Those who knew him and spent time with him describe him as very helpful, always ready to assist people in need. He managed a B&B in the city center, and it seems that the business was doing well. He was very active and involved in the African community. Last year, he even helped distribute food on the streets to people after the end of Ramadan.

Kitim’s death has shocked the foreign community: “This is a murder – says one of them – that unsettles us, and there are too many doubts about what happened. What is certain is that he was stabbed and run over by a car. This is why he died, and we cannot allow this death to be ignored or, worse, forgotten.” The group announces a demonstration on Tuesday, March 26th: “We demand truth for him and his family,” they say.

Il giovane gambiano ucciso a Palermo gestiva un B&B in centro: era arrivato a Lampedusa su un barcone nel 2016

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