Worker dies in Salemi, unions hold sit-in in Trapani: “A young life lost is a defeat for all”

Explanation of the article:

The article discusses the tragic death of a 33-year-old worker, Giuseppe Carpinelli, at the Erg Wind Energy plant near Castelvetrano and Salemi. The authorities are investigating whether safety procedures were followed at the work site. The company responsible for the subcontracting work was conducting upgrades at the plant when the accident occurred.

Following the incident, labor unions held a rally in Trapani to demand better safety measures for workers. They called for a strategic plan to improve worker safety and urged government officials to prioritize the issue.

The unions emphasized the need for concrete actions to prevent further tragedies and highlighted the importance of training and monitoring to ensure worker safety. They also stressed the importance of engaging with schools to instill a culture of safety from a young age.

L’operaio morto a Salemi, sit-in dei sindacati a Trapani: «Una giovane vita persa è una sconfitta per tutti»

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