Witness points finger at two Tunisians in Palermo Samir murder.

The article talks about the testimony given by Giuseppe Lo Jacono, the husband of the owner of the restaurant Appetì in Palermo, regarding the murder of Badr Boudjemai, also known as Samir, who was shot three times on November 4th. Lo Jacono points the finger at Aly Elabed Baguera and his uncle Kamel Elabed, accusing them of the murder. The motive behind the crime is believed to be jealousy, as the two accused were rivals with the victim in the restaurant business. Both Boudjemai and Baguera were competing to attract customers to their respective restaurants, which led to conflicts and ultimately resulted in the fatal shooting. The full story can be found in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia newspaper.

Omicidio Samir a Palermo, il testimone punta il dito sui due tunisini

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