Winners of trail running in the Madonie Park: Sammatrice and Scionti

The territory of Pollina within the Madonie Park was the stage for the 4th round of the regional trail running championship organized by the Panormus mtb & trail team. The event, which had the primary goal of promoting the coastal area, featured a collaboration between private and public entities. The race, which had a total distance of 27 km and an elevation gain of 1500 meters, saw 130 runners from all over Sicily participating. The course included challenging terrains and steep climbs and descents. Winners of the event included Paolo Roccuzzo and Simona Nicholson in the short distance category, and Daniele Sammatrice, Giacomo Martorana, and Marco Noto in the longer and more challenging category. Patrizia Scionti, Annalisa Ferrara, and Alessandra Martino were among the top female finishers. The event also saw the presence of local volunteers from the Civil Protection and Red Cross.

Trail running nel parco delle Madonie, Sammatrice e Scionti i vincitori

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