Wine growers in crisis due to production decline, protest in Marsala

Starting from next Monday, a permanent sit-in of trucks and tractors will be staged in front of one of the churches on the outskirts of Marsala, at the Terrenove-Bambina neighborhoods, to urge the regional government to implement measures to help Sicilian winegrowers, particularly those in Trapani, who suffered a 40% drop in production due to downy mildew and adverse weather conditions. The damages in Sicily are estimated at 351 million euros, with 80 million in the province of Trapani. The peaceful protest is organized by the association “Guardians of the Territory” of Marsala, along with other agricultural associations and movements. They are demanding aid for 100 million euros, but the regional government only budgeted 30 million without financial coverage. The spokesperson emphasized the need for measures to ensure the survival of winegrowers and the impact on the local economy. The regional government has passed the issue to the Ministry of Agriculture, but so far the funding is insufficient. The protestors feel disregarded and are seeking support from the local government.

Viticoltori in crisi per calo produzione, sit in a Marsala

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