White protagonist in Palermo: calls a girl on stage, then serenades at the Quattro Canti

Blanco was the star of the Radio Italia concert in Palermo, captivating the audience both on and off stage. The young singer-songwriter from Brescia impressed fans by jumping over barriers to get closer to them during rehearsals. After performing his songs “Innamorato” and “Un briciolo di allegria,” he invited the crowd to raise their cellphones and surprised everyone by bringing a fan on stage. Accompanied by guitarist Michele Zocca, Blanco performed “Lacrime di piombo” before leaving the stage while the audience sang the chorus of “Mi fai impazzire.” After the concert, he serenaded fans at Piazza Pretoria in Palermo for his music video promotion.

Blanco protagonista a Palermo: chiama una ragazza sul palco, poi la serenata ai Quattro Canti

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