Wednesday yellow alert in Sicily: wind and thunderstorms across the island.

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Yellow alert tomorrow throughout Sicily, with the return of wind, rain and thunderstorms after a few days of respite. The Regional Civil Protection has in fact issued, in the afternoon, a warning for meteorological-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk, valid until 24:00 tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8th. In particular, it is stated in the warning, from tomorrow morning and for the next 24-36 hours, precipitation is expected from scattered to widespread, also characterised by showers or thunderstorms. The phenomena will be accompanied by heavy intensity showers, frequent electrical activity, local hailstorms, and strong gusts of wind. However, things should improve after Thursday, with the gradual strengthening of the high pressure system over the central Mediterranean will determine stable weather with sunny intervals, low clouds or mists in the early hours of the day affecting the Tyrrhenian coasts.

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