Waste returns to infest Palermo, tourists take photos

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“Open-air dumps are back to plague Palermo. From Borgo Nuovo to via Mongitore, in the heart of the Albergheria district, piles of garbage reclaim the streets and sidewalks, almost completely impassable. Breathing becomes difficult due to the stench generated by the heat that macerates the food scraps, now the main target of cockroaches and rats. So at Largo Ippona, in the heart of Borgo Nuovo, the small square surrounded by buildings is a territory of waste piled up at the feet of containers torn apart by flames from months past. Among the piles, one can also see chairs and carcasses of what were once refrigerators. Taking a tour of the city, several struggling bins can be noticed, struggling to contain bags and abandonments, which instead dictate the law in Albergheria where more than one landfill plagues the neighborhood. In via Mongitore on the border with Ballaró, mattresses and appliances coexist peacefully with organic and ordinary waste not collected for days. Tourists, curious and incredulous, approach (as much as the smell allows them) and take pictures.”

I rifiuti tornano a infestare Palermo e i turisti scattano fotografie

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