Warm and sunny weather for Easter Monday in Sicily, temperatures close to 30 degrees

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Still sunny and hot in Sicily even on Easter Monday, with a day that will bring good weather and decreasing winds. There should be no problems for celebrations, but watch out for late afternoon, when some clouds could arrive.

According to the forecast of 3bmeteo, the high pressure will further reinforce sunny weather with only a few scattered clouds at dawn. Specifically on the Tyrrhenian coast, Ionian coast, the Apennines, and inland areas, the day will be mostly clear, except for scattered clouds in the morning. On the southern coast, skies will be mostly clear or slightly cloudy throughout the day. Moderate southern winds rotating to the southwest, a zero thermal level around 4100 meters. The Tyrrhenian Sea will be from rough to very rough, while the channel and Sicilian sea will be rough.

The reinforcement of the high-pressure system over the central and eastern Mediterranean will result in stable and mostly sunny weather on Easter Monday, with temperatures reaching nearly 30 degrees on the Tyrrhenian side of Sicily, where there will be summer-like temperatures.

Sole e caldo anche a Pasquetta in Sicilia, si sfioreranno i 30 gradi

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