Vittoria house fire: Father and younger sister’s conditions improve

Kamel Zouali, the father of the Tunisian man who set fire to his family’s home in Vittoria, has regained consciousness and is hospitalized in Palermo for burns covering 40% of his body. The son, Wajdi, attempted a massacre, resulting in the deaths of his mother and older sister, while his younger sister remains in critical condition. Another sister, Ebtisem, who was studying in Turin, narrowly escaped the tragedy. The brother is in isolation in a prison in Ragusa after being arrested for starting the fire. The community has rallied together to support the surviving family members, including organizing fundraisers in local schools. The initiative has spread to other schools and cities, showing solidarity with the family in their time of need.

La casa incendiata a Vittoria: migliorano le condizioni del padre e della sorella minore

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