Vittoria: 800k euros seized for bankruptcy, three facing trial

The yellow flames of the Provincial Command of Ragusa, coordinated by the Iblea Prosecutor’s Office, carried out a preventive seizure of assets and financial resources totaling over 800,000 euros against a company operating in the wholesale trade of fruit and vegetable products. In the context of the investigation coordinated by the Iblea Prosecutor’s Office, three individuals are under investigation and have been indicted for issuing and using invoices for non-existent operations, fraudulent bankruptcy, and self-laundering.

The focus of the investigation by the finance officers of the Vittoria company is the bankruptcy of a company called Ipparina. According to the accusation, the investigations revealed the diversion of more than 1.5 million euros in tax debts through the fraudulent transfer of the company’s assets to a new enterprise in the same sector, formally owned by the wife of the legal representative of the bankrupt company. The company allegedly falsely hired its employees to a third party company, which turned out to be a paper mill owned by the same entrepreneur from Vittoria, who issued fake invoices for labor supply. This mechanism allowed the new company to unlawfully save over 500,000 euros in taxes and shift social security burdens to the paper mill, which never fulfilled any tax or social security obligations. Additionally, approximately 300,000 euros of illegally accumulated funds were reinvested through a system of transfers into another enterprise in the restaurant sector, also owned by the wife of the legal representative of the bankrupt company.

The Judge of Ragusa, following the request of the local Prosecutor’s Office, ordered the seizure of the business complex and funds and assets up to over 800,000 euros and the indictment of the suspects.

Vittoria, sequestrati 800 mila euro per bancarotta: tre a processo

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