Vito Riggio leaves Palermo airport: “I don’t understand the political direction of the municipality”

Vito Riggio has resigned as CEO of Gesap, the management company of Palermo’s Falcone e Borsellino international airport. “I resigned this morning at the board meeting but I had announced it last October,” said Riggio, explaining that he resigned “for personal reasons, because I turned 77 – he continued – and also because I do not understand the political direction of the shareholder, which is the Municipality.” “Then – he added – I have completed the work. We had a very successful budget and so it seemed to me that I had to follow up on something I had already announced. Six months’ notice is more than enough for the shareholder to take action in one way or another.” Finally, Riggio clarified that for now he remains a board member. “Then we’ll see,” he concluded.

Vito Riggio lascia l’aeroporto di Palermo: «Non capisco l’indirizzo politico del Comune»

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