VIP and drug dealer gave cocaine to chef from Palermo: Salamone sentenced

Judge for preliminary investigations Marco Gaeta has sentenced Salvatore and Gioacchino Salamone to respectively 7 years, two months and twenty days, and 7 years, one month and ten days in prison. The two brothers, both inmates, are accused of supplying cocaine to chef Mario Di Ferro, manager of the Villa Zito restaurant, who exited the trial by negotiating a 4-year sentence. The request of prosecutor Giovanni Antoci was granted.

During the police investigation, twenty-nine drug transactions were reportedly captured in photos by investigators stationed in front of the restaurant on Via Libertà. Three former employees, Gaetano Di Vara and Pietro Accetta, were also sentenced to one year and four months each, with the conditional suspension of the sentence subject to five months of socially useful work. Giuseppe Menga received a one-year sentence, suspended. They are represented by lawyers Giuseppe Di Stefano and Giorgio Zanasi. They were charged with a few episodes of drug dealing in collaboration with Di Ferro. Di Ferro admitted to selling the drugs, but strongly denied being a drug dealer. He explained that he was doing a favor for some friends and did not take any money.

Droga e vip, cedettero la cocaina allo chef palermitano: condannati i Salamone

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