Villafranca Sicula mayor investigated for alleged ties to mafia

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The mayor of Villafranca Sicula, Gaetano Bruccoleri, is under investigation for the hypothesis of the crime of political-mafia electoral exchange. The investigation, coordinated by the Antimafia District Directorate of Palermo, shed light on the mafia district of Lucca Sicula and Ribera and the families of Burgio and Villafranca Sicula. The last municipal elections in the Agrigento area were the subject of long investigations culminating two weeks ago with the operation that decapitated the entire mafia district led by boss Salvatore Imbornone. Gaetano Bruccoleri, initially not included in the list of suspects, would have met with known local mafia leaders multiple times, as testified by numerous service annotations in the investigation. According to the investigators, there is no doubt that the mafia group led by boss Derelitto took an interest in the pharmacist’s candidacy, as evidenced by their interactions. The investigators claim that the mafia boss’s involvement in the candidacy is unambiguous, given his lack of active electorate and residence in another municipality. The boss is heard directing his driver to relay messages to the pharmacist, expressing support for his candidacy. The investigators also allege that the mafia group mobilized for the electoral campaign starting from March 2022.

«Appoggiato dalle cosche per essere eletto», indagato il sindaco di Villafranca Sicula

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