Vandals destroy benches in Porto Empedocle, Mayor: “Sign of an indifferent city”

Vandals in action in Porto Empedocle, where the benches in the pedestrian area were targeted, dismantled and reduced to pieces. The news was reported by Mayor Calogero Martello, who strongly condemns the act on social media and publishes photos of the vandalism: the wrought iron parts of the structures were severely damaged, as well as the wooden parts, broken and abandoned on the ground.

“There are no words to comment on and condemn the act of vandalism against a public asset,” writes the mayor, also speaking on behalf of the councilors. “This vandal act, whose author or authors we hope will be promptly reported to the competent police forces, has a very serious civil and moral significance because it casts a shadow over the idea of a fragmented city, indifferent to the common good but always ready to criticize and blame those who govern.”

“Those who govern take their responsibilities,” continues Mayor Martello, “but the citizens must take on the obligation to respect the rules, not to litter and throw waste on the streets, not to damage urban furnishings because otherwise all our efforts will be in vain. However, we do not resign ourselves and we will continue our activities, always and only in the interest of the public good.” Investigations to identify those responsible are ongoing, with footage from the area’s cameras being reviewed.

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