Valledolmo celebrates Filippina’s 102nd birthday

In her hands, the precious art of embroidery and sewing. In her mind, still perfectly clear, the strong memory capable of entertaining her five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren with her fascinating stories in their free time. Valledolmo, a small town in the hinterland of Palermo, celebrates the 102nd birthday of Filippina Borzilliere. Her family has arranged a convivial afternoon for her, and the mayor has sent warm wishes and a floral tribute. Orphaned at just three and a half years old, she was raised by her uncles and loved as a daughter. After the end of World War II, she married Rosario La Monica and had four children. Well wishes and congratulations have come from family and friends. Grandmother Filippina enjoys excellent health and never misses her daily exciting card game with her relatives.

Valledolmo festeggia i 102 anni di Filippina

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