Ustica agriculture at risk: pigeons and rabbits eating seeds and crops

In Ustica, agriculture is at risk of disappearing due to the damage caused by pigeons and rabbits, which eat both the seeds and what little crops manage to survive their passage, resulting in losses of up to 100%. Coldiretti Sicilia is sounding the alarm and asking for immediate intervention from the authorities to find a solution that will allow farmers to continue making a living. The island produces famous lentils, wheat, and vegetables, but many have already abandoned their land due to the annulled revenues. The risk is that the island will depopulate due to the rapid proliferation of fauna. Despite previous requests for intervention, no adequate solutions have been provided. It is paradoxical that such an important productive reality is being neglected. The Ispra and the forestry corps have previously conducted inspections, but no follow-up action has been taken.

Ustica, agricoltura in pericolo: colombacci e conigli mangiano i semi e i raccolti

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