Upcoming Segesta Festival: a month of theater, dance, and music in the ancient setting of the Greek city

The Segesta Theatre Festival, now in its third edition, takes place at the Segesta Archaeological Park from July 26th to August 25th. The festival offers a program of events including theatre, dance, music, performances at dawn and dusk, and a special multimedia project dedicated to astronomical observation and exploration of celestial myths. Artists like Sergio Cammariere, Lina Sastri, and Noa are featured in the festival, which aims to reinterpret ancient texts in a contemporary context. The festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Segesta Archaeological Park, promotes a connection between the arts and the natural beauty of the location. The festival director, Claudio Collovà, and the park director, Luigi Biondo, emphasize the importance of community, beauty, and the power of art in the modern world. The festival program includes a variety of performances, workshops, and activities, all designed to create a unique experience in the ancient and untouched archaeological park.

Pronto il cartellone del Segesta Festival: un mese di teatro, danza e musica nell’antico scenario della città greca

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