Unoccupied building collapses in historic center of Agrigento: fear among residents, area closed off.

Moments of fear in Agrigento, due to the collapse of a building in the historic center. The building, located in the historic center, was uninhabited and there are no injuries. The collapse occurred in the area of ​​via Belguardo. Residents heard a loud noise and then a cloud of dust. A portion of the structure’s facade fell. Firefighters, technicians from the Municipality, and Civil Protection intervened on the scene, as alerted by the residents of the area. Even though it is an uninhabited building, inspections were still carried out. The area has been cordoned off, access denied, and checks are being conducted on the stability of other buildings. Residents are very concerned about what happened, as their properties fall within the same area of the collapse.

Agrigento, crolla un edificio disabitato nel centro storico: paura tra i residenti, area interdetta

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