University of Palermo, competition for 30 operators: tasks and required qualifications.

The University of Palermo has announced a public selection for the coverage of 30 part-time permanent positions in category B, economic position B3, in the general and technical services area. Five positions will be allocated to the experimental fields of the University of Palermo in Agrigento province, with a profile of field experimental activities and plant and soil manipulation. Nine positions are reserved for volunteers from the armed forces, as required by law.

The operator will be responsible for field activities, both manual and using suitable agricultural equipment for soil management related to experimental device installation, as well as the management of typical Mediterranean plant species. They must also be able to handle post-harvest biomass manipulation for morphostructural surveys, using small scientific equipment for plant and soil surveys.

Candidates must have a secondary school diploma plus a professional qualification related to the position. Professional qualification can be obtained from a higher secondary school diploma or having worked in the advertised position at a University or Public Research Institution, for at least 151 days in the last 5 years. They must have served in the advertised position for at least 101 days at a University or Public Research Institution, be at least 18 years old, have Italian citizenship or citizenship of another EU member state, or be family members of non-EU citizens with residency or refugee status. They must also be physically fit for the job, compliant with military service obligations for those born up to 1985, have full civil and political rights, and have no criminal convictions that would prevent employment in the public administration.

Applications must be submitted electronically by May 30, 2024, using the dedicated online application available on the website.

Università di Palermo, concorso per 30 operatori: i compiti e i requisiti richiesti

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