Unfortunate tourist at Lo Zingaro, rescued by Alpine Rescue

The Alpine and Cave Rescue of Palermo station in Sicily was called into action in the Zingaro Reserve to assist a Swiss tourist who had an accident near the Uzzo Cave. The 63-year-old woman slipped and injured her left knee while hiking with a group of friends. Her companions alerted emergency services by calling the emergency number 112. The 118 central dispatch requested assistance from the Alpine Rescue, who arrived with two teams. The technicians reached the woman on foot from the north entrance, immobilized her leg, and transported her for about 1.5 kilometers to the San Vito Lo Capo entrance using a special stretcher with a central wheel designed for rugged terrain. An ambulance from the 118 was waiting at the entrance to transfer her to the hospital in Trapani. In order to alert the Alpine Rescue for incidents on rock walls, trails, mountain environments, snowy areas, cliffs, caves, and river gorges, or in cases of people missing in mountainous, rugged, and hostile environments, it is necessary to call 112 and specify the need for mountain or rugged environment rescue. The 112 operator, following the “Operative Procedure for Mountain and Rugged Environments,” will transfer the rescue call to the 118 central dispatch, who will then alert the Alpine and Cave Rescue (Cnsas).

Turista infortunata allo Zingaro, prelevata dal Soccorso alpino

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