Unending arrival of migrants in Lampedusa: a long queue at the dock for disembarkation.

A record number of 58 landings have occurred in Lampedusa from midnight until 11 am. There are still many migrants waiting to disembark and be transferred to the contrada Imbriacola hotspot. The total number of migrants in the reception center is 1,349 after the first 34 landings. There are speculations of the presence of multiple “mother ships” due to the large number of small rusty boats. The sea conditions are expected to worsen in the coming days, potentially leading to more expedited journeys for migrants from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Somalia, Liberia, Mali, Syria, Sudan, Gambia, and Sierra Leone. Six hundred migrants have been transferred to Porto Empedocle, and over 2,000 guests are currently at the contrada Imbriacola hotspot with 500 more expected to arrive. The local government is working to find more accommodation facilities on the mainland and plan for massive transfers. The Mayor of Lampedusa, Filippo Mannino, has called for urgent action from the Italian government, stating that the situation has become unsustainable for the island. Despite the influx of arrivals and rescues, the reception system is functioning, and the transfer plan implemented by the Prefecture of Agrigento is responding to the needs.

Migranti, arrivi senza sosta a Lampedusa: c’è la fila al molo per sbarcare

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