Uncertainty remains on the stabilization of former PIP workers, hiring of 20 disabled workers in Palermo Emergency postponed.

It was supposed to be a special Workers’ Day celebration for all former Pip workers in Palermo, but instead the shadows of a past marked by a draining wait loom. Firstly, there are twenty disabled workers from the Emergenza Palermo district. The signing of their employment contract with Sas, Servizi ausiliari Sicilia, a regional government-owned company, was scheduled for May 2nd, but a bureaucratic impasse is causing a delay. Sas and the Employment Center disagree on the need for a clearance. This issue has already postponed the hirings once, says Mimma Calabrò of Fisascat Cisl, and the situation is becoming paradoxical. Calabrò urges for the resolution of this matter and the continuation of all other stabilizations.

Sas has already hired 740 people and committed to re-employing 992 workers by May, reaching 1,166 by June. Calabrò adds: “We don’t want the workers to be crushed by bureaucratic obstacles. The necessary stabilization process must not be halted. We urge the President of the Region, Renato Schifani, to intervene as he has done before to find a solution and uphold the schedule. A definitive timeline for the re-employment of all workers is needed. Otherwise, we are ready to take to the streets again.”

Ancora dubbi sulla stabilizzazione degli ex Pip, rinviata l’assunzione di venti disabili di Emergenza Palermo

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