Unauthorized transhumance in Catania: complaint and fines of 26,000 euros for 5 agricultural entrepreneurs

In recent weeks, the carabinieri of the Randazzo company have implemented a large territorial control operation aimed at preventing and combating the phenomenon of abusive transhumance, monitoring 5 livestock farms and over 260 heads of cattle. Abusive transhumance is a well-known practice in certain areas of the Etna province, which involves grazing livestock such as sheep, cattle, and the like without subjecting them to the required health checks or in violation of the livestock detention imposed by health authorities. This practice can have seriously harmful consequences for public health by interrupting the traceability and safe origin of food, leading to the contagion or infection of animals and humans. The carabinieri of the Maniace station, with the help of veterinary personnel from the ASP 3 of Catania, reported five farmers to local health authorities for failure to register grazing animals, lack of authorization for transhumance, and absence of the necessary documents certifying health checks before moving the grazing animals. At the end of the checks, the farmers were fined a total of 11 fines, totaling over 26,000 euros, and one of them was also reported by the carabinieri for false ideology committed by a private individual in a public act and spreading infectious animal diseases.

Transumanza abusiva a Catania, una denuncia e sanzioni per 26mila euro per 5 imprenditori agricoli

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