Two small boats arrived in Lampedusa with 41 migrants

Two small boats, carrying 41 migrants, arrived overnight at Cala Pisana and the commercial dock of Lampedusa. The first group, made up of 32 Pakistanis and Syrians who had departed from Tripoli, were intercepted on land by the carabinieri; the other 9, Tunisians including a woman, were blocked by the Guardia di Finanza. In this latter case, according to their accounts, the crossing with a 6-meter boat had been self-financed.

The two groups were taken to the hotspot in contrada Imbriacola, where there are currently 241 guests. For the morning, the prefecture of Agrigento ordered the boarding of 150 migrants on the ferry Sansovino, who will arrive in Porto Empedocle in the evening.

Due barchini arrivati a Lampedusa, a bordo 41 migranti

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