Two PCs stolen from San Luigi hospital in Catania, two brothers caught and reported

The police officers of the Borgo Ognina police station have reported in freedom two brothers aged 42 and 37, both with criminal records for property crimes, deemed responsible for the theft of two laptops from the San Luigi hospital on Viale Fleming. The hospital staff, noticing the absence of the two laptops, filed a complaint against unknown persons with the police offices and immediately, the police officers started the investigation.

Thanks to a careful analysis of the surveillance systems inside the hospital structure, the officers were able to trace with certainty the authors of the crime, who arrived at the hospital around 3 pm in their car, skillfully entered an administrative office, and stole two mini laptops used by the company’s employees. The laptops were hidden inside large plastic bags and taken away. Once they reached their car, they quickly left the scene of the crime. Despite both thieves wearing hoodies to avoid being recognized, the investigators were able to identify their identities. In particular, one of the two brothers, already known to the police for his criminal record, was recognized with certainty. Therefore, the two brothers have been investigated for the aggravated theft of the two laptops, punishable by imprisonment for 2 to 6 years.

Rubano due pc dall’ospedale San Luigi di Catania, due fratelli scoperti e denunciati

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