Two more boats with 121 migrants intercepted off the coast of Lampedusa

A total of 121 migrants arrived in Lampedusa after being rescued by the Italian coast guard. The migrants were on two boats that had departed from Zouara in Libya. The first boat carried 54 individuals from Syria, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Pakistan, while the second boat had 67 people from Syria, Egypt, and Pakistan, including a woman. During the rescue operation, the German NGO Sea Eye reported that the Libyan coast guard disturbed the rubber dinghy, causing panic among the people on board. Several individuals fell into the water and are still missing, with four bodies found on the boat. Sea Eye also posted a video of the incident. Yesterday, Sea Eye 4 rescued 49 migrants who were in distress on another rubber dinghy off the Libyan coast. The Italian authorities have assigned the ship to the port of Vibo Valentia.

Soccorsi altri due barconi con 121 migranti al largo di Lampedusa

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