Two fires with explosion in Leonforte: fear for residents, fifteen families evacuated.

Fear in Leonforte for two fires that caused an explosion inside the sewer network. Fifteen families had to leave their homes in the area between Taormina and Trapani streets, totaling thirty-seven people. A night of great concern after the fires that were extinguished by the firefighters with the support of the regional civil protection, coordinated by the Enna headquarters. The situation worsened when the intense heat caused a manhole cover to explode: at that point it was necessary to call for reinforcements and other operators arrived on the scene, including volunteers from civil protection and, as a precaution, health workers from 118. The mayor Piero Livolsi and the law enforcement were also present. Gas technicians also performed checks on the sewer system and secured the area. The mayor then signed an order for the evacuation of the buildings at via Catenanuova 92 and via Milani 2 and 4, to carry out further checks on the gas pipes and to ascertain the presence or absence of any leaks.

Due incendi con esplosione a Leonforte: paura per i residenti, quindici famiglie evacuate

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