Two doctors who treated Messina Denaro are under investigation: they told prosecutors they didn’t know he was a fugitive.

The article explains that two doctors, Francesco Bavetta and Giacomo Urso, are under investigation for aggravated aiding and abetting of Matteo Messina Denaro, a fugitive mafia boss from Castelvetrano. The doctors claimed not to know the true identity of the patient they were treating, who had presented himself as Andrea Bonafede. Bavetta diagnosed Denaro with colon cancer, while Urso performed surgery on him shortly after. The article also mentions other individuals who are being investigated for colluding with Denaro, including a radiology technician and an architect who provided false identities to the boss. The prosecutors in Palermo believe that the network of individuals supporting Denaro both inside and outside of medical facilities is cause for alarm and further investigation.

Sono indagati i due medici che curarono Messina Denaro: ai pm hanno detto che non sapevano che fosse il superlatitante

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