Two beaches in Marsala closed: sand coming from other beaches

The beaches of two shores in Marsala (Boeo and Circolo Canottieri) have been seized by the coast guard. This is because sand from other places was dumped on the shore within the demesne concessions without authorization. The operation, according to the Maritime District Office of Marsala, was carried out without verifying the need for an environmental impact assessment, as required by law. The contested violation has been reported to the Region, whose offices are the only ones authorized to approve such interventions and any modifications to demesne concessions. Furthermore, following the latest checks by the coast guard and Arpa Sicilia on the coastlines of Marsala and Petrosino within their jurisdiction to protect the environment, various checks have been carried out, ranging from water discharges to car washes, to the dumping of waste by private citizens, resulting in fines totaling around 200 thousand euros for the environmental violations found.

Due lidi sequestrati a Marsala: la sabbia arrivava da altre spiagge

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