Truck collides with motorcycle in Belpasso, serious injuries

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A serious road accident occurred this morning (March 23) on the State Road 121, near the junction for Palazzolo in the direction of Paternò. The victim was a 38-year-old motorcyclist from Belpasso, riding a large capacity motorcycle, who, according to initial reports, collided with a truck, lost balance, and fell violently onto the asphalt.

Rescue teams arrived within minutes. Due to the severe injuries sustained, medical personnel from the emergency services, who arrived by ambulance, transported him to San Marco Hospital in Catania where he is currently hospitalized in critical condition. Local law enforcement officers from the Paternò company intervened at the scene for the necessary investigations.

Urta un camion e finisce sull’asfalto, grave un motociclista di Belpasso

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