Travolta sulle strisce pedonali: woman seriously injured in Palermo

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Another serious accident in Palermo. This afternoon, around 2.30 pm, a 69-year-old woman was hit by a car on Corso Calatafimi. According to an initial reconstruction, the victim seemed to be crossing the street on the pedestrian crossing when she was hit head-on by a car, a Fiat, heading towards Viale Regione Sicilia. The accident occurred at the height of Via Carmelo Onorato.

The woman, as reported, was seriously injured: rescued by an ambulance from the 118 she was taken to the Civic Hospital in code red, where after the first checks life-threatening injuries have not been ruled out and the prognosis is reserved. Investigations by the municipal police accident personnel, who arrived at Via Onorato to carry out the surveys. Traffic slowed in the area.

Palermo, travolta sulle strisce pedonali in corso Calatafimi: donna gravissima in ospedale

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