Trash piles up on Fondachello di Mascali beach and boardwalk as ‘trash leap’ takes place

Thousands of bathers have invaded the immense beach of Fondachello di Mascali since the early hours of the eve of Ferragosto. The beach, which stretches along a mixture of pebbles and coarse sand, is one of the most popular seaside resorts in eastern Sicily. Both the free beach and the beach resorts were fully booked on Ferragosto, but while the resorts have showers and facilities, the free beach lacks them, resulting in easily imaginable consequences after the Ferragosto festivities. This year, the beach has turned into a landfill that is difficult to manage and clean up by the solid waste collection service. Dozens of tents have also been set up on the beach, despite the bans imposed by the municipal administration. This has caused significant damage to the environment and the local economy, considering the tourist value of the area, despite the warnings issued by the municipalities and operators since May. The streets have also become dumps, especially after Ferragosto. Early morning joggers in Fondachello have even invented a new sport: “the garbage pile jump.”

Rifiuti in spiaggia a Fondachello di Mascali e sul lungomare in scena il “salto della spazzatura”

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