Trapani seeks eighth victory against Sancataldese: enthusiasm is soaring.

The Trapani football team is on the hunt for their eighth consecutive victory in the championship. After advancing in the cup competition during a midweek match, Trapani now faces Sancataldese in their pursuit of another win. The game is scheduled for 3pm today (Sunday, October 22) at the Valentino Mazzola stadium in San Cataldo. Trapani will be looking to break the curse of two consecutive defeats suffered at the hands of Sancataldese in the past two seasons. A win for Trapani would mean reaching the top of the table, as long as Siracusa has a concurrent break. Trapani’s coach, Torrisi, remains undeterred by the team’s previous losses and believes in their strength. Despite the negative history, Torrisi emphasizes the need to focus on the present and the challenges posed by Sancataldese. Trapani will have their top scorer, Andrea Cocco, back on the field after recovering from an injury. However, they will still be without Bollino and Samake for this match. Torrisi acknowledges the tough and difficult nature of the game, regardless of statistics. Trapani has been successful in their previous six matches within 22 days. Maintaining a winning mentality has been a focus for Trapani since July, and Torrisi believes the team has the desire to constantly improve and win matches. The probable lineup for Trapani is Ujkaj; Pino, Cristini, Sabatino, Morleo; Sbrissa, Acquadro, Ba; Gagliardi, Kragl; Cocco.

Il Trapani a caccia dell’ottava sul campo della Sancataldese: l’entusiasmo è alle stelle

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