Trapani Operation Catito Results in House Arrest for One of the Suspects

Salvatore Sansica, a 64-year-old man from Trapani, has had his precautionary measure intensified after repeatedly violating the restraining order placed on him following his arrest in connection with a drug operation. The carabinieri’s investigations, supported by the prosecutor’s office, revealed that Sansica had been caught several times at the local fruit and vegetable market, in breach of his residence ban. As a result, he has been placed under house arrest at his own home. The arrest was carried out by the carabinieri from the Erice station, following an order issued by the judge of the Trapani court. Sansica was originally arrested alongside his son, Alberto, in the “Catito” operation, which was aimed at dismantling a drug trafficking ring in the historic center of Trapani. The investigations showed that Sansica played a key role as the main organizer and coordinator of the group, recruiting members and giving instructions for each transaction. The carabinieri’s investigations, coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate in Palermo, revealed that cocaine, hashish, and marijuana were being sold around the clock in the narrow streets near Catito Street, which had become a drug hotspot. Local and non-European pushers were involved in this activity, operating under a strong partnership agreement. Despite previous arrests and seizures of a large quantity of drugs (around 80 grams of cocaine) hidden in a room of a rented bed and breakfast converted into a drug lab, the drug trade continued.

Operazione Catito a Trapani, finisce ai domiciliari uno degli indagati

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