Trapani Mayor Tranchida: Anna Lisa Bianco’s arrest for non-administrative matters

Trapani Mayor Giacomo Tranchida expressed hope that the President of the City Council, Anna Lisa Bianco, would soon be able to clarify her position. He also emphasized that the prosecutor’s investigation into the healthcare system, which led to Bianco’s house arrest, concerns issues unrelated to the city administration. The recent operation by the finance police has led to the arrest of ten individuals, with two in prison and eight under house arrest, including some prominent figures. The mayor released a statement expressing concern about the mismanagement of the healthcare system in the area and expressing confidence in the judiciary while hoping for a quick clarification of Bianco’s situation.

Trapani, il sindaco Tranchida: l’arresto di Anna Lisa Bianco per «vicende avulse dal contesto amministrativo comunale»

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