Trapani celebrates: Shark wins game 4 in Bologna and brings Sicilian basketball back to Serie A-1

The Trapani Shark rewrites history and secures a return to Serie A-1 after 32 years. The decisive victory in game 4, 58-64 against Fortitudo Bologna at PalaDozza, led to the return of Trapani to the top league, after their only season in 1991-1992, bringing Sicily back to Serie A-1. A triumphant journey for the team under president Valerio Antonini, who after winning the Supercoppa earlier in the year, achieved the double with promotion to Serie A-1.

It was a complex, hard-fought victory despite the predictions and financial investments. The team, led by Daniele Parente and later Andrea Diana, managed to secure the win with a balanced performance. Defensive actions were also crucial, especially from Horton, as Trapani now aims to make a mark in Serie A and not just pass through. The match report by Federico Tarantino will be available in tomorrow’s edition of Giornale di Sicilia.

Trapani brinda: la Shark vince gara-4 a Bologna e riporta la pallacanestro siciliana in Serie A-1

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