Trapani airport Vincenzo Florio’s signage renewed

The Trapani Birgi airport in Italy has completed the installation of the Aeroporto Vincenzo Florio sign and the Airgest logo in various areas of the airport. They have also introduced a new transportation service between the airport and the town of Marsala, operated by autoservizi Salemi. The airport has seen a return to normalcy in air traffic, recovering from the emergency situation at Fontanarossa airport in July. Over 254,000 passengers have transited through Trapani Birgi airport, with 130,000 coming from Catania. The airport president, Salvatore Ombra, praised the employees for their excellent work, expecting passenger numbers to surpass one million by the end of September.

Trapani, rinnovata la scritta dell’aeroporto Vincenzo Florio

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