Tragedy in Vittoria: Six-month-old baby dies, autopsy ordered

An autopsy has been ordered for a six-month-old North African girl who died eight days ago in Vittoria, most likely due to regurgitation. The decision was made by the prosecutor’s office. The parents are also being investigated and a case has been opened against them. According to investigators, the baby had been fed and then placed on her stomach in the crib to rest. Shortly after, the father realized that she was not breathing and milk had come out of her nose and mouth, leading to the theory of fatal regurgitation, which unfortunately can occur at that age. Despite efforts by emergency doctors, it was futile and the baby could not be revived. The autopsy, requested by the prosecutor’s office, will determine the exact cause of death. It also appears that the baby had been previously unwell and was hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit after birth.

Tragedia a Vittoria, muore una bimba di sei mesi: disposta l’autopsia

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