Tragedy in Noto: Ten-month-old girl dies after ingesting bleach

A ten-year-old girl died in Noto after drinking bleach. The incredible tragedy occurred in the afternoon. The victim lived with her family, and an investigation has been opened by the Siracusa Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation is being conducted by the carabinieri who received a report around 4:45 pm from the emergency room where the girl had been taken. It is not yet clear how the girl ingested that dose of bleach: according to an initial reconstruction being examined by investigators, she may have fallen into a bucket. This is just a hypothesis, meanwhile the carabinieri have gone to the family’s home where the mother, in shock over the tragedy, is with other children.

Tragedia a Noto, bimba di dieci mesi muore dopo aver ingerito candeggina

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