Tragedy in Caltanissetta: 54-year-old man found dead after procession

In Caltanissetta the procession of Holy Wednesday had just ended, and those who had taken part in it, returning to their car, made the gruesome discovery. A man was found dead on the street just a few meters from where the procession had ended. A passerby noticed him on the ground near the Medaglie d’Oro parking lot: the man was in a pool of blood. The alarm was immediately raised and the 118 emergency services arrived on the scene and tried to revive him with CPR. However, it was confirmed that he had passed away.

The corpse was identified thanks to the documents the man had on him: he was Roberto Giudici, fifty-four years old. Born in Caltanissetta, he had been living in Belgium for some time and had probably returned to Sicily for the Easter period. A vacation that ended in tragedy. According to the preliminary investigations carried out by the forensic doctor, Giudici had suffered a sudden illness and then fell to the ground, hitting his head violently. The body, found near his car, was taken to the morgue of the Sant’Elia hospital.

In early March a similar case occurred in Messina, where a seventy-year-old woman died. She too was found dead on the street, a few meters from the car she had just parked on Via Santa Cecilia in the city center. Passersby noticed her on the ground, bleeding. When the ambulance arrived, there was nothing more that could be done. She had apparently died from a hemorrhage.

Tragedia dopo la processione a Caltanissetta: un uomo di 54 anni trovato morto per strada

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