Traffic congestion returns to Palermo: from Ponte Corleone to Via Crispi, everyone stuck in queues.

Traffic is once again causing chaos in the city of Palermo, as roadworks restrict the flow of vehicles. The viaduct over the Oreto river is undergoing final repairs, resulting in nightly lane closures. This has caused long queues and delays for motorists, who are frustrated by the constant congestion. Additionally, the area around the port is also experiencing traffic issues, with trucks and vehicles double-parked along Via Crispi. Despite these challenges, visitors continue to flock to the newly opened Marina Yachting, capturing moments with selfies and videos. The situation is being monitored by the municipal police, who are communicating with each other to manage the traffic flow.

Palermo, tornano gli ingorghi: dal Ponte Corleone alla via Crispi tutti in coda

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