Traffic and delays on the A19: kilometers of tailbacks to return to Palermo

A beautiful sunny day and an almost summer-like Sunday led to a small exodus from Palermo, with many citizens opting for a trip out of town.

The return, set as always around 6pm, inevitably created strong discomfort and kilometer-long queues on the A19, the Palermo-Catania highway, towards the Sicilian capital, but also on the state road 113. Very intense traffic already at Altavilla Milicia, with cars traveling towards Palermo at a snail’s pace: for a stretch that is usually covered in a few minutes, the wait for motorists exceeded an hour. The situation then worsened due to various mechanical breakdowns, which in narrow lanes caused further problems, and also due to a couple of minor rear-end collisions.

Traffico e disagi sull’A19: chilometri di coda per rientrare a Palermo

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