Toxic algae alert: bathing prohibited in Sferracavallo

New ban on bathing imposed by the Municipality of Palermo in Sferracavallo due to toxic algae. “Following the monitoring carried out by the Arpa on June 17, where a concentration of “Ostreopsis” (toxic algae) was found, I have signed an ordinance banning bathing along the coast of Sferracavallo, in the stretch of coastline in front of viale Florio,” writes the Councilor for Hygiene and Health Fabrizio Ferrandelli in a press release. “Within a week, the Arpa will carry out new surveys with the hope that the levels of concentration of toxic algae have returned below the limits established by law, in order to revoke the ban that is currently necessary to protect the health of people,” Ferrandelli continues. “This phenomenon, as explained in the ordinance, depends solely on natural factors independent of land management activities, and I want to emphasize that the microbiological parameters of the samples taken by the Asp just a few days ago fell within the limits set by law, demonstrating how the measures adopted by Mayor Lagalla and the Administration, together with the Harbor Master’s Office, the Police Municipal Nopa, Amap, and the Asp, are having the desired effects against pollution of the sea in Sferracavallo, which has characterized recent years. We will continue to constantly monitor the sampling activities of the coast, in the hope of restoring bathing as soon as possible.”

Allarme alga tossica, bagni proibiti a Sferracavallo

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