Tourists disembark from cruise ship in Palermo with Addiopizzo for an antimafia tour.

Italian cruise company Costa Crociere is partnering with the anti-mafia movement Addiopizzo to offer its guests a chance to explore Palermo through the Palermo No Mafia Tour. The tour, organized by Addiopizzo Travel, aims to promote ethical tourism and raise awareness about the fight against organized crime. Participants will visit key locations in the city and learn about the impact of the mafia on local society. Costa Crociere’s decision to support the tour is aligned with its principles of sustainable and inclusive tourism. The initiative offers visitors a unique perspective of Palermo, going beyond common stereotypes. The tour includes stops at the Teatro Massimo, the Muro della legalità, the Beati Paoli square, and the Cathedral. It also features a break at a store participating in the “Pago chi non paga” campaign, which refuses to pay protection money to the mafia.

Palermo, con Addiopizzo i turisti sbarcano dalla nave da crociera e fanno il tour antimafia

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