Toni claims to be better than Miccoli, former Palermo player. Miccoli’s brother outraged, calls comparison sacrilege.

Luca Toni considers himself better than Fabrizio Miccoli and sparks the anger of the brother of the former Palermo number 10. The 2006 World Champion, while a guest on YouTuber Il Pengwin’s show, responded to a question about who was better between the two former Palermo players by first highlighting that they played together and then confessing to being the best.

An assertion that did not sit well with Federico Miccoli, who, in a video posted on his TikTok profile, responded with strong statements. “Deep down you realized that you said something stupid. Comparing yourself to my brother is already sacrilegious, saying that you are better then…in what life? In what sport? Maybe in basketball, because you are tall.”

“They should have interrupted the interview. Aren’t you ashamed just thinking something like that? Fabrizio can only be compared to two or three players in Italy, you are anti-football and anti-technique. You need to redo the interview and apologize,” an impassioned Federico Miccoli concluded.

And who knows if Luca Toni will reply or let the fans decide who is the better of the two. The native player of Pavullo wore the Palermo shirt for two seasons: the historic promotion to Serie A in 2003/04 and the following one, making 83 appearances and scoring 51 goals. His best calendar year with the Sicilians was 2004: from January 1st to December 31st he scored 27 goals.

Fabrizio Miccoli is the top scorer in Palermo’s history. He wore the Rosanero shirt from 2007 to 2013 and in six seasons amassed 179 appearances and 81 goals.

Toni: «Miccoli? Io migliore». Il fratello dell’ex 10 del Palermo si infuria: «Paragonarti a lui è un sacrilegio»

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