Tommaso Chiappa’s new artwork transforms workplace landscapes.

The world of art is making its way into the workplace, where clients can immerse themselves in a perfect blend of sensitivity and new stimuli. This is the intuition of the Palermo artist Tommaso Chiappa with his Landscape, a new site-specific installation entirely designed for the Brugnoletti & Associati Law Firm in Palermo. The exhibition, consisting of 15 works, offers a new vision of the artist, with a focus on the reality that surrounds us, traced through painting. Bringing art into the workplace is a central element of Chiappa’s work: the artist creates a short circuit between the observer or the customer and those who work in the workplace, altering their perception and creating new stimuli through his painting. Landscape is a journey that focuses on humanity, the many people who cross our cities, warming our places. Traffic, people in constant motion, and the observation of the everyday through an artistic lens are just a few of the concepts developed in Tommaso Chiappa’s new exhibition. Liquid and textural painting, oil, light, and detail are all central elements to describe every facet of the work.

Landscape, l’arte protagonista nei luoghi di lavoro: la nuova installazione del palermitano Tommaso Chiappa

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