Three robbers arrested in Palermo, caught by DNA on cigarette butts.

The State Police have arrested the Palermo residents G.S.C. aged 29, I.A. aged 39 and D.L.G. aged 59, accused of aggravated robbery and receiving stolen goods. The mobile police team, specializing in property crimes, carried out a prison custody order issued by the Palermo gip. The three are accused of a robbery committed in December 2022 at a gas station on Corso Calatafimi.

On that occasion, two of the three men, with their faces covered and threatening, demanded and received 13,500 euros from a cashier at the self-service cashier, before fleeing in a stolen Fiat Panda found in the Santa Rosalia Village neighborhood. Thanks to the DNA found on cigarette butts, the officers were able to identify the robbers who are now in prison.

Arrestati tre rapinatori a Palermo, incastrati dal Dna nei mozziconi di sigarette

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