Three arrests for attempted murder of former justice collaborator Di Martino – NAMES VIDEO

The investigating judge at the Ragusa Court has validated the arrests of Biagio Cannizzo, 51 years old, Raffaele Giunta, 62 years old, and Alessandro Pardo, 48 years old, for alleged membership in a mafia association (416 bis), specifically the “stidda vittoriese,” with Cannizzo and Giunta also charged with attempted murder of former collaborator of justice Roberto Di Martino. The attack on Di Martino took place on April 25th near the cemetery of Vittoria, where he was shot twice and managed to escape and call for help. The investigation has revealed a serious situation with evidence of a plan to eliminate individuals who have collaborated with justice in Vittoria for the purpose of consolidating control over illicit activities in the area. The presence of weapons, including firearms, and their potential use by the mafia group for criminal activities and extortion against local entrepreneurs and merchants is also concerning. Cannizzo was found in possession of a 357 magnum revolver at the time of his arrest.

Vittoria, 3 arresti per il tentato omicidio dell’ex collaboratore di giustizia Di Martino NOMI VIDEO

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