Three arrests following attempted massacre in Palagonia with LPG cylinders

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Three young people between the ages of 23 and 25 are accused of attempting to carry out a revenge attack in Palagonia, in the province of Catania, on the night of March 3rd. They allegedly placed two propane gas cylinders in a stolen car with the valves open, doused the surrounding area with gasoline, and set it on fire near a house in the town’s historic center. The local Carabinieri, along with firefighters, responded to the alert, set up a 150-meter security perimeter, and evacuated people, including worshippers attending a religious ceremony.

The bomb disposal unit of the provincial command of the Carabinieri in Catania successfully neutralized the threat after a delicate two-hour operation. The suspects were identified and apprehended with the help of surveillance cameras in the area. They have been arrested, and a judge has issued a custody order in prison, with charges including attempted massacre and receiving stolen goods in complicity. One of them is also accused of resisting a public official.

La tentata strage di Palagonia con le bombole di Gpl, tre arresti

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